Girl From High School Still Doing Theatre

by Veronica Marks

BOSTON, MA – Despite graduating high school and reaching adulthood, reports have confirmed that Jamie Harrington is still doing theatre. At North Boston College, Harrington has not only taken classes in theatre, but has even performed in student productions.

“When she did theatre in high school, I was like, ‘cool, I guess’,” said friend Megan Lee. “I went to some of her shows, and they were, like, fine. But now I’m like, really, dude? You’re spending your college free time playing Customer #3 in Little Shop of Horrors? Come on.”

At North Boston, Harrington has been in the ensemble of several shows. However, she did earn a bit part as Rebecca Gibbs in Our Town that the North Boston Chronicle called “good enough.”

“Look, a bunch of us did theatre in high school, but we’re moving on into the real world now,” said former Hairspray castmate Mark Hackney. “I mean, come on, Jamie’s no Carmen Cruz.”

Carmen Cruz, who also did theatre in high school, was known for her above-average talent in roles such as Sandy in Grease, Elle in Legally Blonde, and the title role of Cinderella. In Cinderella, Jamie was a step-sister.

“Yeah, if I was gonna bet on someone to keep doing theatre, it would be Carmen,” agreed Lee. “I mean, at least she can hit a high C. But now Carmen’s a journalism major at American University, so I guess she’s moving on.”

“Yeah, Carmen’s got talent, but I’ve got the bug,” said Harrington. “Who knows? Maybe I’ll even” – she shimmied her shoulders – “minor.”