According to Folk Singer, Next Song Goes “A Little Something Like This”

by Alex Greenblatt

KARMA LOUNGE — A new report from amateur folk singer Don Woodly states that the next song “goes a little something like this.”

During last Tuesday’s open mic night, Woodly walked on stage with a guitar and began his set with a long-winded story about how his grandfather used to sing a tune to his father. The song in Woodly’s story was apparently passed down through generations.

Patrons of the bar were confused. A regular, Emily Hanks, commented, “He walked onto stage with a guitar and he’s telling a story about a song. Is this that rap the kids are raving about these days?”

As Woodly’s story drew to a close, he explained to the audience that the song his father sang to him “…goes a little something like this,” and he began to sing the song.

The bar flurried with emotion. “I always wanted to know how that song went,” said Hanks, “and now I know it goes a little something like that.”

But it wasn’t all cheers for Woodly. One spectator, Art Johnson, said, “Yeah, the song goes a little something like that, but what is he excluding? I want to hear exactly what it’s like, not what it’s ‘a little something like.’”

However, Woodly will likely remain an enigma. After his performance, Woodly disappeared into the night, whispering the words “a-one, a-two, a-one, two, three, four.”