Only Thing Missing from Bride’s Extensive Wedding Plans Is Actual Groom

by Matt Hanisch

BOISE, ID — It’s the day she’s been dreaming about forever, and it’s just around the corner. The invitations have been sent, the menu has been finalized, and the dress shimmers in the sunlight. In fact, the only piece still missing from Natalie Henderson’s perfect wedding plan is the groom.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Henderson assured her friends and family, “I’ll sort out the less important details later.”

For the past 25 years, 6 months, 2 weeks, 5 days and 34 minutes, Henderson’s thoughts and daydreams have centered around planning her special day. From the font on the invitations to the custom-made satin gown, Henderson has matched every detail of the wedding to her unique personality, though not without a few challenges.

“It’s just so hard to plan a menu when I don’t know if my husband will be vegetarian, kosher, or allergic to anything!” lamented Henderson. “I can guarantee he won’t be vegan, though.”

Planning the seating arrangement was also particularly difficult for Henderson, especially without knowing any of the groom’s friends or family.

With April 25 fast approaching, Henderson can’t help feeling a little nervous.

“I just know something is going to go terribly wrong at the last minute!” she said. “What if he gets cold feet?”

As far as her search for the perfect man, Henderson says she’ll deal with that after she decides whether the center pieces should be cranberry or burgundy.