Couple Living at Parkside and New North Break Up Over Long Distance Relationship

by Thomas Marshall

USC — Freshmen Bea Tran and Dan Algeri began dating shortly after orientation. Algeri lived in New North and Tran lived in Parkside A&H. The young couple faced the difficulty of not seeing each other as often as they wanted to, due to the great distance between them. Needless to say, they broke up less than a month into their relationship because of it.

“I live on the fourth floor of New North, which is always a real bitch to walk without an elevator,” Algeri explained. “On top of that I have to wait until after seven to call up the Uber to take me around the block. It’s tough, especially because I’m always the one making the commute to her.”

Meeting up for meals was difficult too, as Algeri would eat almost exclusively at EVK and Tran at Parkside. They agreed the next best compromise was to meet at Cafe 84. Their swipes may have been unlimited, but their love was not.

Last Thursday, in the moments before Algeri was about to request the Uber to pick him up, he got a Facebook message from Tran, telling him that the relationship wasn’t working for her.

“I really just thought it was for the best,” said Tran. “The commute time was really cutting into my Pintrest time; besides, I’ve kinda been over him for a while now.”

Algeri was confused and hurt, but understood the toll that the commute was taking on them both. Within a few days he was back on his feet, and he soon embarked on a new relationship with a girl that lived three doors down from him.