Netflix Adds “& Chill” Section Featuring Several Hours of Background Noise

by Matt Hanisch

LOS GATOS, CA — Based on feedback from numerous sources, Netflix has discovered that its viewers no longer feel comfortable “getting it on” to the sounds of BoJack Horseman or Gob Bluth making chicken noises. To satisfy those desires, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings introduced an “& Chill” section consisting of nothing but ambient background noise.

“We wanted to give our customers more bang for their buck, if you catch my drift,” explained Hastings. “So we introduced forgettable classics like White Noise, Nature Sounds, and People Eating at a Restaurant.”

The response to the new section has been overwhelmingly positive as critics praise Netflix for innovating and enhancing their already popular streaming service. In fact, the only negative reviews for the new “& Chill” section came from people who ended up actually watching it.