Busty 10-Point Buck Has Back Problems, Gets Antler Reduction Surgery

THE WOODS — After years of back pain, whitetail buck, Daniel Deerson, made the tough decision to go through with his antler reduction surgery.

“It’s hard to keep my head up with these…things weighing my neck down,” exclaimed Deerson. “Not only that, but nobody could stop staring at them. I’m like: ‘Hey! My eyes are down here.’”

Although Deerson went through with the procedure for his own well-being, many other deer in the community were not as enthusiastic about the downsize.

“Before the surgery, he was a dime, a ten-point buck,” said local doe. “Now he’s like a two, and I’m not sure his personality makes up for the lack of antlers.”

“I was only nice to him because of his antlers,” confessed another doe.

Despite the criticism, Deerson announced: “I’m glad I got the surgery. I feel good about myself and it’s so much easier now to find a hat that fits.”

“I tell you what, I was jealous of Daniel’s antlers,” said an 8-point buck, “I’m glad he got the surgery ‘cause now I’m the local hot buck. I’m sure he’ll miss the attention.”

Considered courageous by some and cowardly by others, Deerson now can walk confidently through the woods without worrying about poor posture and ogling does. However, he’s now thinking about getting tail extensions.

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