Frat Wonders If Enough Time Has Passed To Throw 9/11 Themed Party

by Ethan Thomson

FRAT ROW — This Sunday will mark fifteen years since our country experienced one the most tragic terrorist attacks to have ever occurred on United States soil. Now, in 2016, the Sigma Omega Tau fraternity wonders if it’s still too soon throw a 9/11 themed party.

ΣΩT has been patiently waiting for the appropriate time to throw their ‘High, Jacked Dudes and Burka Babes’ party since 2005, and they believe that time may be now.

According to ΣΩT president Robert Meyer, the party could easily be “lit” and the Sunday evening event would “blow up” the row, puns intended, unless it’s still too soon.

“It would be legendary,” explained Meyer, “Pledges would be in suits the whole time. Although, apparently we can’t light them on fire, per the original plan, but all of the guests will have a blast and even get a free box cutter! Thinking about it now though, it might still be too soon.”

ΣΩT’s concern comes from the backlash they received after their JFK assassination themed party last year. Many students and faculty were offended by the party titled “Lee Party Oswald”. Some even boycotted ΣΩT’s events for the rest of the year.

A few changes would be made to the house in preparation for the party. One involves equipping the entire frat house with fog machines to pay homage to the scene of the attacks, a decision which one student referred to as “mind-blowingly offensive.”

However, many students said they would attend the ΣΩT party, which would supposedly go from 9:00 PM Sunday night to 11:00 AM the next morning. Ultimately, however, the frat decided that it is not the best idea to throw the 9/11 party, solely because “it’ll be hard for girls to look hot in a burka.”

Instead, the frat will be going with their fallback theme: ‘An Evening With Bill Cosby’.