Tom Hanks to Star in Biopic About Tom Hanks

by Jacob Surovsky

HOLLYWOOD, CA — After an acting career of nearly 40 years, Tom Hanks is ready to take on his biggest challenge yet, playing Tom Hanks. TOM, slated to come out Christmas 2017 tells the story of Hanks’s childhood growing up in Concord, California.

Steven Spielberg, signed on to direct, said, “Tommy and I have been longtime collaborators, but in all our years together he’s never been such a perfect fit for a role before. It’s like he was born to play this part.”

Hanks, 57, has made a name for himself portraying America’s most beloved middle aged men, with a filmography including Walt Disney and Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. Hanks himself said, “I’ve played countless complex characters, but boy I’ll tell ya, this Tom Hanks guy takes the cake. I want to be sure to give this role the honesty it deserves.”

Details about the film are still to be released, though it has been confirmed that the motion capture technology featured in The Polar Express will be used again to make Hanks look 45 years younger.

In addition, provided that TOM is the box office hit it’s predicted to be, HANKS, a documentary following Tom Hanks as he prepares for the role of Tom Hanks in TOM, a film about Tom Hanks, will debut at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. Idris Elba will co-star.