Hipster Discovers Food Can Still Be Consumed Without Prior Photographic Evidence

by Chris Dennis

SILVER LAKE — This past week, hipster Trevor Jaxson was reported to have done the unimaginable: eat a meal without taking a photograph first.

Shortly after sitting down with his best friend for weekly brunch at next year’s coolest hole-in-the-wall cafe, Jaxson came face to face with his dead iPhone 6S. Not only could he not tweet ironically or update his paleo blog, but his food was also on the way and none of his instagram or VSCO followers would even know!

After readjusting his man bun, Jaxson took a few deep breaths and looked up from his comatose cell phone. Completely out of ideas, he simply tried talking to his friend and was surprised to find it quite enjoyable.

“Human interaction is like a 3-dimensional FaceTime with the fastest wifi connection, but even better because you can smell, taste, and touch!” exclaimed Jaxson.

Witnesses report after a short hour of engaging conversation, Jaxson ate his vegan, gluten-free meal, and even deemed it rather delicious. Only after a soothing loose-leaf tea did Jaxson and his acquaintance realize that their entire meal went undocumented.

Did they actually just eat? There was no proof that the previous hour even occurred.

Jaxson then blogged this eye-opening incident in detail. He reportedly had an epiphany after some solitary contemplation and has single-handedly started the new underground trend of “actually talking to people and unplugging from technology to enjoy life.”

Trevor Jaxson is a revolutionary of our time, and said it best in his blog:

“Not having technology is so unheard of nowadays and people don’t realize what’s right in front of them. Living without my phone was like living in the ‘80s where life was so much better…This lifestyle is so vintage and practically no one else is doing it. Hopefully others will catch on and faith in humanity can be restored.”

Jaxson has deactivated all of his social media platforms and has gone on a hiatus from his blog since. But if you once were (or want to become) a follower of Trevor Jaxson’s life, don’t fret! He can be found setting up shop in various cafes, drafting up hand-written letters to everyone in his life between talking to strangers about the wonders of human interaction.