Not Enough Units Left, Sophomore Drops Social Activism

by Jori Barash and Kim Rogers

Last Monday, USC sophomore Dana Steuben finally decided to register for a course in her Policy in First World Issues minor instead of another semester of Social Activism.

“In the end, it just came down to limited units and limited time,” cites Steuben. “I mean activism was fun and all, but I think I mostly just did it because my friends did. Do you know how expensive those V for Vendetta masks are? Required material!”

She continued, “And don’t even get me started on the required reading: there’s only so much time in the day to read all the Jezebel articles shared on Facebook.”

Dana isn’t alone in her scheduling dilemma. Although Social Activism is a three semester set, many registered students don’t continue past the first assignment. Even so, registration is competitive in the Fall semesters before students have realized how little effort they are actually willing to commit to anything.

Steuben had advice for prospective activists: “If you’re thinking about taking it, the course didn’t get too heavy until the end, around November. And the field trip just before Thanksgiving was really fun! But four days straight was a bit much.”

“Overall, it was definitely worth it, but now I need to focus more on the important stuff, you know? Like, that my WiFi doesn’t reach every room in my apartment.”

At press time, Steuben was trying to decide what to do with her Black Lives Matter shirt.