Building Preview: Verna and Peter Dauterive Hall

Editor’s Note:  This article was first printed in Curious Troy, a satirical publication that operated from 1997-1998, under the title “Building Preview: Jane Hoffman and J. Kristoffer Popovich Hall.”

Illustrations by Hallie Martin

Thanks in part to a very generous $50 million gift from USC Alumni Verna and Peter Dauterive, Trojans will enjoy beautiful Dauterive Hall, or VPD, as early as spring 2015.VPD Pyramid

The exterior will blend classical and modern themes, and feature a tree-lined loggia reminiscent of arched structures at both Bovard Auditorium and Mudd Hall of Philosophy.  In general, Dauterive Hall will consttitute a key architectural element in the University’s new formal entrance.

The interior will be solid sandstone, except for a narrow descending corridor and two granite burial vaults, designed to contain the mummified remains of Verna and Peter Dauterive, respectively.  An additional antechamber will symbolically contain the Dauterives’ immortal ka, or “spirits.”

Randolph Westerfield, dean of the Marshall School of Business, will preside at the building dedication.  Immediately following, he will be entombed with the Dauterives, that he may cater to their needs in the hereafter.