Leavey Library To Offer Student Housing For Next Semester

by Andy Gause

Students have jokingly claimed that they ‘live in Leavey Library.’ Next semester, students can make this claim a reality as Leavey Library is accepting residents for Fall 2014. Students can rent either single study station, computer stations, or full six-person meeting rooms.

Ron Russell, spokesman for the Leavey Residency Project, explained the upsides to living at Leavey, “It’s quiet, you can get homework done, and it’s right near campus, in that it’s on campus.”

Critics of the housing project are worried about the lack of amenities that come standard in other college rooms. Mr. Russell thinks it won’t be much of a problem, “we got water fountains, bathrooms, and chairs. What more could you want?”

When asked if the bright lights in Leavey would make it difficult for residents to sleep, Mr. Russell answered, “It’s never stopped students from sleeping before. The residents can jam their heads into their sweaters if they want to grab some ZZZs.”

Indeed the absence of microwaves, washing machines, and showers has not deterred students, as housing spots for the single study stations have already been filled.  Leavey reports that all spots have been filled by STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) majors.

Sack of Troy spoke with Anisha Sriram, the only native English speaker at the lease signing event, about the opportunity, “I think it’s great. No longer will I have to worry about biking the five minutes each morning to Leavey. This will save me so much time in the long run.”

Because of the overnight success of the Leavey Residency Project, other buildings are considering leasing their spaces. SAL, the SCA Avid stations, and the Architecture labs are currently planning to offer spaces for Spring 2014.