Doctors Warn of Secondhand Smoke Exposure from Kissing Timothée Chalamet

By Audrey Serrano

Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center pulmonologist Dr. Caroline Mering issued an advisory about the health implications of kissing Timothée Chalamet following his public appearance with Kylie Jenner at a Beyonce concert last night. Chalamet, notable as Patient Zero in NYU’s chlamydia outbreak, is now being pinned as a secondhand smoke risk. “Ms. Jenner should be concerned about the health risks associated with respiratory encounters with Mr. Chalamet. She wouldn’t want the audio ‘Stormi! You have coronary heart disease like Mommy baby!’ circulating all over the internet,” said Dr. Mering. The advisory also prompts businesses to ban the actor from standing in a 25 foot radius of storefronts and restaurants.