Talk About a Real Family Man! This Emmy Nominated TV Writer Just Moved Back in With His Parents

LOS ANGELES, CA — Shortly after being nominated for an Emmy in Outstanding Writing For a Comedy Series, this family oriented 28-year-old television writer decided to move back in with his parents. 

Drexel University alumni, Manny Papowski, has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry with writing credits including American Dad, Bubble Guppies, and Impractical Jokers The Movie 2: Sal Gets a Reverse Vasectomy. Currently, he’s working on the next season of the hit show The Milwaukee Brewers, which earned him his first Emmy nomination. The show centers around a dysfunctional yet loving family in urban Wisconsin secretly operating a multi-million dollar light beer brewery out of their basement during the 1920’s prohibition. It’s chock-full of laughs, moderate alcoholism, and heartfelt fun for the whole family. 

Given his new-found love for family drama, Papowski claims his move home isn’t unwarranted. “They always say write what you know. And with my work on a family show like Brewers, it showed me I really needed to reconnect to my roots and understand what it means to be a part of a family again. It is the only option for me to become a better writer. Especially after looking at my banking statement, my score, and my eviction notice signed personally by Zaslav, Sarandos and Iger. It was genuinely the only option.”

“When you’re making a television show, your fellow writers become like a family to you. So, before deciding to move back home, I asked every single one of them if I could crash with them. Even offered to go halfsies on bunk beds! Sadly, they’re all either subletting any extra space they have or also moving back in with their parents because they just miss them so much. I also asked everyone in my newfound Barnes and Noble crew member family (primarily comprised of fellow Emmy and Golden Globe nominated writers) if I could stay with any of them, but the abandoned animatronic family pizza franchise they’re squatting is fully booked.

So, just like that, Papowski is rolling up his deluxe sleeping bag, waving goodbye to his seven roommates and his 3 bedroom 1 bathroom basement apartment in very, very far East Hollywood, and driving his 1996 pre-owned Civic (dubbed a weapon of mass destruction by the DMV) all the way back to the sleepy hollow that is Bumblefuck, Pennsylvania. 

Papowski is already getting ready for his big night at the Emmys by googling “Cheap tuxedo rentals near me.” After seeing the results, he deleted his search and typed in “Very cheap tuxedo rentals.”