Writer’s Strike Catches Up With Succession Finale As Logan Returns And Lays Waste To Westeros

By Bill Rockas

LOS ANGELES, CA – In retaliation with the Writer’s Strike, Max executives scrapped the last episode of Succession. They will instead air a Chat GPT written finale featuring only the best ideas.

Using the technology Lucasfilms perfected to reanimate dead actors, the finale will depict a CGI Roy family. The opening sees a pixelated Kendall sliding into frame and saying “fuck” followed by Roman retorting with “fuckity fuck fuck.”

The AI will then confuse source material as Logan Roy will enter while riding a dragon. The bowling alley animation of Brian Cox will then command his army to destroy the entirety of Westeros. His wrath will then be interrupted by cutting to black and revealing white text reading “Cousin Greg Will Return.” The entire series will then be deleted off the service.