Caruso Mayoral Loss Karma for Closure of Grove American Girl Place

By Audrey Serrano

LOS ANGELES, CA — Political scientists have determined that the underlying reason for Rick Caruso’s mayoral loss was the 2022 shutdown of The Grove’s American Girl Place. The billionaire spent $100 million dollars of his personal fortune on the failed campaign, but lacked funds for Caruso Affiliated Holdings to keep American Girl Place’s doors open. The beloved doll store closed its doors in April 2022, just three months after Caruso changed his political affiliation to Democrat, further swaying and confusing voters on the brink. 

When asked about American Girl Place’s removal from The Grove, Caruso expressed his concern regarding best selling doll Kit Kittredge. “She’s white, not Italian. Doesn’t representation matter?”

American Girl Place (Doll Store) by Prayitno is licensed under CC BY 2.0