Local Woman Creates Pinterest Board to Escape The Reality That She Will Never Achieve Her Dreams

By Rachel Michelman

LOS ANGELES, CA – Despite creating a Pinterest board full of aspirations of what she wants to achieve, Ashley Reynolds will never be able to physicalize any of her dreams.

Reynolds, who wanted to get into crystals because “everyone else was doing it,” created her “Manifestations” board after getting rejected from every sorority at the University of Southern California. “I guess they didn’t see my passion for living in a Victorian style home that has a renovated interior.” Reynolds sighed, before adding, “It’s a shame because I was planning to add crown molding and an accent wall to my room in Tri Del’s house. I already had the mid-century modern furniture to go with some Edison light fixtures I wanted to install!”

Reynolds’s mother, Patrica Reyonolds, has noticed her daughter’s dilemma. “She’ll pin photos of Boho-chic dresses from the 1970s to her Pinterest board, but everytime she goes shopping she’ll just head to Forever 21 and buy some leggings. Who needs fifteen pairs of black leggings?”

There are over 245,000 posts pinned to Reynold’s “Manifestations” board. Many of which are recipes that she wants to eat but never will cook due to preferring to DoorDash Panda Express, as well as office set-up plans for when she takes over as the Executive Chairwoman to The Los Angeles Times.

However, this will never happen to Reynolds due to her inability to submit a single resume for an internship and being a 20-year-old who will, according to her father Murphy Reynolds, ”Probably marry a rich banker and become a stay-at-home mom to five kids.” He added “I should know. She’s just like her mother.”

Since being interviewed, Ashley Reynolds has created a new vision board on Pinterest, which is titled “Italian Honeymoon with Alan from Corporate <3.”