The Sack of Troy’s Actual Interview with the Aidan

On January 19th, one “reply all” changed the USC student population’s life forever. The Sack of Troy took a chance and shot our shot to get in contact with this incredible human. Thank you, Aidan, for responding. You’re a legend and deserve the best.

Did you mean to do this?

AM: No, I absolutely did not mean to reply all to every student at USC. I was totally mortified, and it didn’t help that a ton of people were DMing me super disrespectful emails. As if my baseline shame wasn’t enough??? Shout out to those who actually sent me kind messages, and I totally appreciate the SC fam being super supportive on IG!

If so, how did you manage to do this?

AM: I am actually 100% positive I pressed the “reply”button and NOT “reply all.” I did not, however, check that I was only sending to student health after clicking “reply.” I typed my message and sent it. Who does that anyway. I am BUSY. Although I guess I will from this day forward always check that lol. Apparently there is some kind of IT issue with the reply button and sometimes it replies all instead? I am unclear on specifics, but I’ve had a few people confirm. The real kicker is my message actually went through a moderator for the listserv who APPROVED the message to be sent to everyone. Never mind that this entire scenario could have been avoided if they had just BCC’d the listserv in the original email.

Why do you think nobody else has done it before?

AM: See above. Also, this happens ALL THE TIME within departments and even occasionally across Keck. I think in this scenario they used a really massive list to try to get the information about Covid protocols out to people ASAP and they did not BCC. Also, this could definitely have been avoided if I just double checked the damn send to line.

What’s up? How are you?

AM: I’m good! Totally recovered, planning on getting boosted this week. Hope you’re well too =)


Aidan Moriarty