Op-Ed: Biden Won… So Why Am I Still Depressed?

By Alexandra Ornes

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – With Biden’s official win of the electoral college it is guaranteed he will take office this January. Now there’s only one question on my mind: why am I still depressed?

I thought all my problems would be fixed by his win. That I would be rejuvenated and feel like the world was on the right track again. For four years I could blame the political atmosphere for my mental health decline, but now I’m wondering… could it have been me all along?

Granted, Biden’s win wouldn’t help me get over the straw incident which led to me single-handedly killing over 20 turtles in August or my debilitating rootbeer addiction that caused the loss of many friendships, or my therapist walking out on me in September for what she calls “crippling denial,” but at least it would be something to ease the pain. Turns out, I may have been using the election as an emotional cover-up.

Now, as I venture forth into a world where I cannot blame politics for my mental health, I wonder how I will best deflect my real issues. Until the vaccine is widely accessible I have a few months of blaming Covid, but after that, will I finally face myself? Absolutely not.