Progress In The Imaginary World Of Police Reform: Bridge to Terabithia Renamed BLM Bridge

By Prerika Chawla

LARK CREEK, VA – Eat up, BLM protesters, because justice has been served on a silver platter! You asked for progress, and the government has delivered as usual. Remember the 2007 film Bridge to Terabithia based on the 1977 novel Bridge to Terabithia? In order to show unending support of the BLM movement and make a solid move that will definitely resolve problems of racial inequality, Bridge to Terabithia has now been named BLM Bridge.

The imaginary inhabitants of Terabithia are thrilled about these improvements, considering they have mostly been forgotten for the last decade. “I mean, we don’t really have police or race here, but cool, I guess,” says one creature whose name we cannot bother to spell. 

We also asked the BLM head of outreach for comment on this victory. “I don’t even think that’s real. No one asked for this,” she said. Clearly, such an achievement was beyond her wildest imagination, and everyone is still processing this new reality.

It is so fun to imagine the progress that renaming a bridge will bring for racial justice: same rules, same world, just all on a bridge with a different name. That’s a real kick in the nuts for police brutality!

The bridge was originally built as a memorial to some girl named Leslie, who died trying to cross the creek before the bridge was even built. But the past is the past, and we must move to the future where black lives finally matter in a verbal and metaphorical sense! 

At press time, police had shut down the bridge after reports of an unidentified black male attempting to enter Terabithia.