High School SoundCloud Rapper Releases New Song that “Comes Straight from the Heart”

By Rachel Michelman

LINCOLN HIGH SCHOOL — Local average student Daniel Isaacs released his new single this week on SoundCloud. “Outta My Mind” is now the third rap produced by the sophomore who goes by the stage name of “D-Issy.”

Isaacs wanted the song to “come straight from the heart, unlike [his] other music.” “I wanted to create something that was me feeling—me expressing myself, and I feel like I was truly able to accomplish that.” He vocalized that “Your existence is a highway with no exit, I’m in the car, stuck, feeling fuckin’ desperate” and “I met you in chemistry, bitch, but you said we had none. You’ve got my heart playing the drums like I’m Josh freaking Dun” are the lines that felt the most honest to him.

“His dad and I are so proud of Daniel. He’s really passionate about his whole music thing,” praises Isaacs’s mom, before adding, “I just wish he didn’t curse as much.” 

“I deeply pondered the placement of each word and I truly think the song wouldn’t be the same if I changed it even one bit,” said Isaacs in response to his mom’s comments, “It would be like forcing that Mona Lisa chick to smile, or Bryce Hall not to have a 21st birthday during a global pandemic.” The song contains 173 explicit words, 89 of which are “bitch.”

Annelise Willows, who’s not like other girls, dated Isaacs for two weeks and claims the song is about her. “The song actually has a nice beat, but I just want to clarify that I don’t have ‘a body like a trout’ and that I never let him grab my ‘battle axe butt.’”

You can find “Outta My Mind” on SoundCloud or listen to the clean version at Lincoln High School’s Medieval Masquerade themed homecoming dance, which will be DJed by D-Issy himself.