Heartwarming: Nick and Joe Always Let Kevin Press the Button in the Elevator

by Ethan Thomson

The Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins tour is about as hot as Nick and Joe right now. While the brothers’ brief disbandment from the family band left fans wanting more, it is clear now that they are back and better than ever with this new album tour. 

But these boys aren’t just back together for the music, they are also showing more brotherly love than ever. On stage, it might seem like Nick and Joe get all the love, but behind the scenes they always let Kevin press the button in the elevator. 

“Kevin is usually pretty tired and defeated by the time they get back to the hotel after the show,” said a source close to the band. “But every time they let him press that button in the elevator, it’s like he forgets that he’s the least necessary member of the group and his face just lights up.”

Kevin, who recently joined Stephen Baldwin and Donnie Wahlberg in People Magazine’s “100 Least Fuckable Brothers of 2019” list, especially likes pressing the elevator button if it makes a “ding” noise, according to tour staff. But heart-throbs Nick and Joe don’t just let Kevin press the button, they let him think that he earned it.

“The sweetest part of the whole thing is that Kevin thinks it’s a race to press the button,” explained Danielle Jonas, Kevin’s wife of ten years. “It’s pretty clear that either Nick or Joe could beat him to it, but they move a little slower to let him get there first.”

Between impressive solo careers and carrying the entire Jonas Brothers brand, it is hard to think of superstars Nick and Joe having the energy to think of their older brother at the end of the day, but they seem to do it time and time again. Now let’s just see if Kevin can return the favor by being at all useful to their collective careers. Dates and tickets for their Happiness Begins tour can be found on their website, and the last thing Kevin did before this can be found in a 2014 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey where he contracts a house.