Man with Hokey Pokey Addiction Finally Turns Himself Around

by Matt Hanisch

PASADENA, CA — After a long, dizzying battle, Jimmy Norton has finally overcome his addiction to the children’s song and dance known as “The Hokey Pokey.”

“It started out innocent enough,” explained Norton. “I would only participate once in awhile, just to be social, ya know, but then I became totally dependent. I couldn’t stop.”

Even from the beginning, Norton’s friends expressed their concerns.

“I watched him go from a man who was too insecure to dance at parties to an animal who couldn’t go one day without at least putting his left foot in,” said friend Matt Douglas.

“Most of us would just stop after a few rounds,” added Sally Anderson, “but no matter what we did, Jimmy wouldn’t quit until he put his whole self in.”

No matter how much Norton tried to shake his addiction all about, the urges kept coming back. However, after months of Hokey’s Anonymous, Norton finally beat his addiction.

“He wasn’t himself when he was doing the Hokey Pokey all the time,” remarked Douglas. “I’m just happy to have my friend back.”

After just a few weeks pokey-free, Norton has already spent more time with his family and friends. For him, that’s what it’s all about.