Man Pushed Out of Wheelchair Being Bad Sport About April Fools Prank

by Jack Hackett and Thomas Marshall

PRANKVILLE — Local badass Craig Benson pulled off the most hilarious April fools prank ever: pushing local man Larry Jones out of his wheelchair. After Jones hit the pavement, he began screaming obscenities towards Benson, like some sort of maniac, which was totally uncalled for.

“I don’t know why the dude got so angry,” said Benson. “It’s just a prank, bro.”

“How is this a prank?” shouted Jones. “Am I missing something? To me, this is offensive and illegal. I’ll probably press charges.”

Benson runs a YouTube channel called Prank Master TV, which is solely dedicated to pranks and social experiments. In one video he even got 10 smoking hot babes that he totally didn’t hire to make out with him on camera.

His last uploads were “Guy Gets Pushed Down Flight of Stairs”, “Hidden Camera in Women’s Bathroom Stall”, and “Moving the Decimal on My Roommate’s Tax Return So He Gets Audited by the IRS.”

His highest rated video involves him dressing up as a homeless man and harassing young professionals in suits for money, only to reveal to them that “there are cameras everywhere, bro. This is a social experiment video, and you suck!”

This guy is a genius, and should be paid lots of money. And he probably pulls as many chicks in real life as he does in all his totally unedited videos.

Jack Hackett

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