Alien Spacecraft Discovered in Every USC Fountain

by The History Channel

LOS ANGELES — Practically overnight, almost every fountain at the USC campus has been entirely fenced off and drained, forcing many students to question the reasons behind such a bizarre action.

Reasons for the fencings are few and far between. Reports indicate that the fountains could be under renovation to preserve water, but this is doubtful, as USC has made every effort to establish itself as the least environmentally-conscious campus in history.

Annenberg TV reports the fences have been placed in order to prevent injury in the annual senior fountain run, but we at the History Channel also believe this logic to be flawed. The History Channel has done its homework, and we now believe we have found a definitive answer:


This is the best evidence we have right now. Ancient Astronaut theorists have continuously concluded that USC’s campus has long been subject to bizarre alien activity, before the school was even established.

Take for instance the infamous L.A. Air Raids of 1942, and their proximity to the USC campus. Multiple unidentified flying objects were spotted that night and fired upon, yet nothing crashed down to Earth.

Or did it?

Think about this: there are probably 21 fountains on USC’s campus, possibly more, but probably 21. That number doubled is 42, just like the year 1942, the year of the air raid. Coincidence? I think not.

And get this, no debris was ever recovered from the Air Raid either. It had to have been hidden. And what better place to hide debris than beneath thousands of pounds of rock and a thin layer of radar-scrambling water…the logic doesn’t lie. Every fountain at USC was constructed in the year 1943, just months after the Air Raid. (Source: The Daily Trojan)

So keep an eye on these fences, and just make sure you aren’t standing too close to them when the builder returns to gather the scrap.


Article by Rob Smat