Student Nominated for Academy Award for Role in “Alcohol? What’s That?” 

By Phineas Kelly

LOS ANGELES, CA – On Saturday, the Academy of Motion Pictures announced that USC Sophomore Jacob Stall had been nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role following their performance in “Alcohol? What’s That?” during Trojan Family Weekend. 

Shot accidentally on a shaky iPhone 7 camera by Stall’s drunk roommate, the film chronicles the conversation between Jacob and his parents at a tailgate, in which Stall plays a pre-med student hiding early onset alcoholism from the people paying his tuition. Critics have applauded Stall’s heartfelt portrayal of a clueless, innocent little guy who would “never get into that kind of stuff”, even after killing half a handle of Svedka before attending brunch with his mother at Bacari. Stall also demonstrates remarkable wit in the film, handling questions like “How do you know those frat guys?” and “Why won’t you take off those sunglasses?” and “Do you want to end up like your Uncle Dennis?” with grace and charm not seen since Daniel Day-Lewis’s portrayal of Lincoln.

The film has garnered praise from some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Steven Spielberg tweeted “Stall’s performance is a love letter to the genre. Anyone with parents will see themselves reflected here.” Dame Helen Mirren told reporters that Stall’s performance “made me rethink my whole career. I mean, where else is there to go, really? He’s done it all. Might as well become a fucking carpenter at this point.” Jacob’s sister, Becca, said “Our parents would have believed him if his big hadn’t called him ‘the puke pledge’ right in front of us.” 

Stall is reportedly in talks with major studios to reprise his role in a sequel, which will focus on Jacob’s announcement that he’s going to Cabo over spring break.