SCA Senior Secures Unpaid Internship Networking at WGA Picket Line

by Chelsea Levy

Soon-to-be SCA graduate Claire Elecky finally secured a post-grad, unpaid internship by networking with WGA writers at the Paramount studios picket line.

“The writers’ strike came at a great time for me! As a class of 2023 screenwriting graduate, I’ve been scrambling for a job, and these picket lines are just the perfect opportunity to meet established writers who want to help up-and-comers like me. Strikes are the new Trojan Family network!”

Though Elecky’s internship will only be for class credit, her employer, Jonathan Ambrose, ensures that she will “develop all of the necessary skills” to secure an assistant job when her internship ends. “I’ll make sure she’s readily prepared to memorize crazy LA coffee orders by the end of August,” Ambrose assured. So, Elecky has a bright future to look forward to.

Some people have accused Elecky of taking advantage of the strike for her own personal gain. “It just kind of happened,” she refuted. “I came to the strike with only the 30 pre-printed resumes I always carry in my bag and the intent to make a difference, but I ended up chanting my elevator pitch instead of “WGA strong.” It was pure luck something came from it!”