Girlboss Alert! Meghan Markle Calls the Queen A Bitch In New Oprah Interview

By Emily Torp

LONDON, UK – Meghan has officially reclaimed her voice! This #qween is the first black woman to curse out her royal grammie-in-law, the actual Queen, on national TV, and on behalf of all women, we’re proud of her. 

Daily Mail reporter, Charlotte Welkershire, was eager to comment. “How dare she. In England we treat Her Royal Highness the Queen with the utmost respect – what she deserves. Although, Meghan does have a point, and it’s absolutely empowering to see a woman radiate pure confidence, but still, blasphemous nonetheless. Kate would never do this, but then again Kate wanted her toddler to wear tights on a hot day, so what does she know about #empoweringwomen.”
Meghan was quick to stand up for herself. “Yeah, I did call her a bitch. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. Just wait til you hear what I call Charles behind closed doors, that two-faced, backstabbing, selfish, arrogant, slimy SOB.”