Opinion: Haha U Up?

By Brad

Hey girl, uh haha u up?

Covid been hittin’ me with the loneliness so I decided to stop goin’ on Tinder and find a hu from a lucky Sack reader ahaha?. Quarantines got me down and a girl like you could help get me back up… if u know what I mean… jkjk… unless?

Nah I’m jus playing, ahaha. I mean I’m down tho if u wanna, u know… like with covid and stuff it’s been a rough couple months… there’s a lotta pent up stress???… if ur picking up what I’m putting down haha. And trust me, I just got tested for like all the STDs and had a 80% negative rate which is pretty good on average ahaha???, so you know I’m j chillin’. 
Oh shit the EIC just found out I’m posting this so gotta run ?but like… if anyone’s down lmk. You know who to call loll. Bored hmu✌️?