Hot Girl At the Gym Gets Unwanted Stares After Just Trying To Fit In And Run On The Treadmill On All Fours

By Ava Bunn

LOUISVILLE, KY —  During her usual trip to the gym, Cara Clyde, 19, was dismayed to receive unwanted stares from men as she galloped on the treadmill on all fours. 

“At times like these, it makes you think… was it my so-called ‘scandalous outfit’ that made them stare?” the 19-year-old exclaimed. Clyde was sporting her usual running attire, sports bra and Nike Pro spandex at the time of the event.

Security footage from the incident showed the gym filled with middle-aged men, jaws-dropped gazing at the girl as her hands clapped against the treadmill going 7 mph, her thunder thighs donkey-kicking behind her, glistening with sweat like the true shetland pony she is.  

“I was in the middle of spotting someone on the weights and was startled by the sound of what I thought was a horse neighing and hooves clacking on pavement… my client got a heavy barbell to the face” reported personal trainer Gary Weisenberg. 

A 40-something year old, anonymous male onlooker commented, “Yes, she is a very beautiful young woman, but I was staring because I’ve never seen such…” We couldn’t quite make-out what the rest of his sentence was, but we can only presume the pervert was talking about her massive knockers.

We sat down with Cara’s boyfriend, Victor Espinoza, who commented, “I’m so very proud of my sweet, Cara. She will always be my little horse and I will always be her little jockey.” You can watch the young couple race next April at the Kentucky Derby.