New Ryan Murphy Series “Deadly Twinks of the Tenor Section” In Development

by Jack Walz

EXCLUSIVE: Ryan Murphy, creator of such hits as Glee and American Horror Story, has teased details of his next big project. It’s an operatic Netflix series with the working title Deadly Twinks of the Tenor Section. Actors Ben Platt, John Cameron Mitchell and Darren Criss will star in the series that is set to capitalize off of a Pride Month release date in 2021. 

Murphy is fresh off the buzz of the recently-released Hollywood: a miniseries featuring Criss that depicts the post-WWII film industry. From what we know of this new project, it doesn’t seem as though it will be any more subtle in its portrayal of the gay community.  

Deadly Twinks will center around three psychopathic tenors who go to extreme lengths for more solos. They’ll bribe, murder and even top other singers to secure their stardom. 

Ben Platt will play the leading twink who does most of the murdering. Darren Criss’ character is a devious new twink in the choir, and John Cameron Mitchell’s is the evilly sassy comedic twink.

Murphy stated in an interview: “It’s a gritty musical dramedy, so it’ll be dark and gory but also hilarious the whole time. The idea came to me in a dream about a really hot young guy. Oh, and he was singing and had a knife I think.”

While the amount of sex scenes with a booming operatic score is unknown, one can only assume there will be at least three per episode.