Band Leaves Stage, Comes Back, Plays Another Song

by Alex Greenblatt

LOS ANGELES — After a 90-minute set, local rock band The Good Boys decided to take things into their own hands and come back on stage after leaving.

The band notified the audience that they would be playing their final song for the night before launching into their 2009 hit “Mom’s Hamper.” After the song finished, lead singer Jim Halderman thanked the applauding audience and left the stage.

Little did the audience know what would happen next.

Audience members burst into applause after the band made a second entrance on stage. When asked about it, concert attendee John Samson said, “Yeah, it’s an encore. It happens all the time.”

It appears that the ‘encore’ movement is happening right in front of our eyes. The band rushes back on stage just when the average concert goer thinks that the show is over.

When questioned about this new advancement in concert-going, band manager Richard Dean said, “Do you not know what an encore is? Have you never been to a concert before?”

This new movement seems to be a deliberate marketing scheme by the manager himself. It could be an experience for the concert goer of the future, just as revolutionary as when The Tiny Toes invited smaller band to play a shorter concert before they went on.