Graduating Senior Finds Cute, Cheap Pad in Parent’s Basement

by Kim Rogers

LOS ANGELES, CA — After landing an enviable entry-level position as a hostess at her local Macaroni Grill, USC senior Aubrey Kemp nailed down another aspect of her post-graduate life. Kemp secured herself a cute, affordable place in her parent’s basement.

The place comes with laundry service, a nonexistent price tag well within her means, and is a healthy, 15 minute commute to her workplace. The amenities guarantee that the dance major won’t waste time stressing about post-graduate independence.

“I’ve had my eye on it for awhile,” confessed Kemp, who spotted the two-story suburban dream during a Thanksgiving visit. “Realtors say you should be able to picture yourself in the space, which was easy because there’s so many pictures of me on the shelves already.”

Far ahead of her peers, many of whom have yet to even consider when they will move back in with their parents, Kemp prepared well in advance for the transition from the safety net of college life to the safety net of her childhood home.

“Having my own place lined up means I’m finally ready for the real world,” explained Kemp. She plans to host a housewarming party, but must wait until the weekend because her parents keep an early bedtime for work.

At press time, Kemp’s parents considered taking on another tenant because her older sister, Chelsea Kemp, “just needs a little help getting back on her feet.”