Guy In Feminism GE “Gets It”

by Chai Karve  |  photo by Tarek Roshdy

USC — Sophomore Jimmy Metza begrudingly enrolled in a feminism class this fall after all the “good, super chill GEs” were taken. After soaking in two weeks of impassioned feminist lectures from his professor, Metza conclusively stated that he “gets it.”

When asked what exactly it is that he gets, Metza responded, “All of it. Women’s issues. What they want. All that jazz.”

“I just don’t buy that he ‘gets it,’” said his professor, Chelsea Gibbons. “There’s no way he can even begin to comprehend any of the concepts in this course. He’s a doofus.”

Despite his professor’s lack of faith in him, Metza is thrilled to be expanding his academic horizons and thinking about issues that he never even knew existed.

“I feel like a good guy,” noted Metza, “I think I’ve paid my debt to manki–excuse me, humankind by taking this class.”

Despite his doubts about the subject, Metza is marginally more open-minded and looks forward to having a better, more surface-level understanding soon.