Student Excited to Relearn All the Spanish Forgotten Over Summer

by Jack Hackett and Chai Karve

EL USC — After three months of sun, sleep, and sun chips, Kristoff Hrabe returned to campus, ready to relearn all of the Spanish he once knew, from the imperfect tense to uno, dos, tres, dalé!

“I’ve literally forgotten everything,” recalled Hrabe. “I purposefully didn’t speak a lick of Spanish over summer ‘cuz the best thing about Spanish 3 is relearning all of Spanish 2!”

Having thrown out his flashcards from last semester, Hrabe will have to make brand new cards with literally the exact same vocab words.

“Re-making flashcards may look like busy work to some,” explained Hrabe, “but it’s actually a blast writing out 150 words I already knew. This is definitely a great use of my time.”

Hrabe looks forward to sitting in class and being utterly bewildered by the strange words forming on the board, words he knew just a semester before.

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