Smart! This Girl Took Birthday Pictures for Her Friends’ Facebook Walls Early This Year!

by James Osborne

What a genious! Citing the difficulty experienced last year in finding the perfect naturally taken picture to post on Jess’ Facebook wall for her birthday, Rebecca has planned to manufacture the photos way ahead of time.

Rebecca says that she wants something that shows the two of them together somewhere that says “sometimes we go out together, but most of the time I debate unfollowing you on Facebook.”

While the rest of Jess’ Facebook friends will spend the hours leading up to her birthday searching for the perfect picture to simultaneously rid them of the guilt of actually congratulating her in person and filling that despotic void in themselves, Rebecca will be watching the CNN snap story and eating untoasted everything bagels. So smart Rebecca!

“I just feel like this is the best way to describe our friendship on the one day society forces me to acknowledge her existence over mine,” she remarked after dragging Jess to the top of the Hollywood sign in order to take a selfie. “I don’t know, I guess you could say I’m just a better friend.”

Rebecca is a true inspiration to all of us on what it means to be Facebook friends with someone. Go Rebecca!