Erogenous Zones You Didn’t Know Existed

by Zoe Haddad

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

Struggling with the average erogenous zones on your lady? Here are a few unknown places she won’t be able to resist.

The neck.

The neck is a great place to leave skin blemishes with your mouth. No one will doubt hookups with evidence right on her neck. Word of caution: for the ages of 16-17 only.

The inner wrist.

Her soft, baby-like skin is so sensitive, you’ll need to treat it like an actual baby’s wrist. But the tingling she feels as you sprinkle talcum powder will drive her crying like a baby for more.

The eyes.

Remind her that you see her as a person and not just a warm, wet place to put your penis in. By making eye contact, you have already acknowledged her existence and are one step ahead of where you were before.

Behind the knee.

A fairly ticklish spot, her initial reaction may to shove your hand away. But fellas, be persistent. She could be playing hard to get.

The vagina.

Little did you know, the vagina is a place that exists. Myth says it can be the main source of pleasure for a woman.


Take her there and she will instantaneously orgasm.