Former School Bully Reaches Out to Classmates to Apologize, Sell Pyramid Scheme Knives

By Charlotte Phillipp

COSTA MESA, CA. – Former high school bully Bryleigh Davis has decided to turn a new leaf and reached out to apologize to the Costa Mesa High School students she bullied during her time there, as well as attempt to recruit them in her new knife-sales pyramid scheme.

During her time as a member of Costa Mesa’s class of 2015, Davis bullied multiple students over things such as their clothing, hair, weight and hobbies. Davis now says that seeing woke Instagram slideshows and Facebook articles has encouraged her to begin a new chapter in her life by reaching out to those she bullied to inform them of an awesome investment opportunity.

According to one of the former students she bullied, Mark Jackson, Davis began acting differently towards him when she started working as a consultant for Knife Guys Finish Last, a multi-level marketing company that sells only knives, and of course the opportunity to make money quickly from home.

“I haven’t spoken to or seen that girl in six years,” Jackson said. “She told me she was sorry that we couldn’t have ‘gotten over our differences and become friends’ in high school. She once spit gum on my shoes on purpose and told me to just go get new ones because they’re the cheap Walmart kind!”

“Hey girl! Sorry we haven’t talked recently! I know some stuff went down between us junior year with the book thing but I just wanted to say sorry about that, I was so annoying about that whole thing,” Davis said in a recorded conversation with Katie Young, another one of Davis’ former classmates who she gaslit mercilessly as a teenager.

“She used to take books out of her bag one at a time until it was empty,” said Young. “And then, I would fall over because of the weight of my backpack!” This bullying culminated in a hair-pulling fight between the two with Young getting suspended and Davis not being reprimanded, according to Young. “Ugh. I thought I would never speak to her again and now she wants me to take some knife debt off her hands? Think again, Bitchy Bryleigh!”

“I always see the, like, movie stuff you do on your insta! You look so good now haha! Anyways, there is this amazing project I’m working on right now and I immediately thought of you!” Davis wrote in response to several read but ignored messages. 

The Sack of Troy was going to reach out to Davis for comment, but she ended up contacting us first with a vague apology and a list of unbeatable prices.