Dear Mom: Just Kidding, I’m An Orphan!

By Mia Young

Dear Mom,

Hi! I’m having so much fun at camp, all the kids and counselors are so nice, and we get to make smores every day! Also, I learned how to swim last week and I didn’t know it was so easy! Now I just have to watch out for sharks. I’ve made so many new friends. Joseph is super funny and good at Mancala, and Adam shares his comic books with me! I hope that someday we can all-

Wait… my mom died four years ago….

Oh well! I think I’m just gonna put this into a bottle and throw it into the lake! Maybe someone will find it!


Dear Charlie,

Oh honey, I’m so sorry. I hope you’re still at camp. I’m sending some cookies to the camp for you! Maybe you can share them with Joseph and Adam. Please write back to me when you get them.