Halloween Fashion! How to Wear A Mask and a Cat Ear Headband at the Same Time- Oh God We’re in Hell, Aren’t We?

By Charlotte Phillip

These are some turbulent times, but no matter what your plans are for the spooky season, Sack has got you covered for your classic kitty-cat look!

Add a fuzzy black coat to your look!

If you’re somewhere in the world where you start to feel a chill in the late fall months, add a black fuzzy coat to your ensemble. This is a great way to give your costume some character and to stay warm!

Turn a plain medical mask into a costume one!

Plain blue medical masks don’t go with any cat costumes, but a great idea is to draw or sew on whiskers and a nose to your mask! This is an easy way to stay healthy while also looking cute as a kitten with your fuzzy cat ears… Why are we doing this? What is the point?

Add a cat-eye eyeliner look to add some glamour!

With a mask on to stay safe, we’re seriously missing putting on some glam purple lips or rosy blush. Not to worry though, because a sleek cat-eye look adds that make-up flare your kitty costume needs! … We can’t keep going on like this forever. Has humanity been cursed?

Add some glitter to your cat mask!

Glitter is a girl’s best friend! Add some sparkle to your look to get all eyes on you at the socially-distant Halloween function… but are we honestly still just going to have Halloween like nothing is wrong? We’re living in a fascist polce state with a reality television host president in a country where systematic racism has bled into every facet of our society, and a global pandemic has ravaged this country. Who knows when we’ll be able to return to school or work? Do restaurant employees just have to sacrifice themselves so people can take their masks off to have mimosas? Is the pandemic going to affect how we work for the rest of our lives? If you have the materials, add some glitter glue to your cat ears as well!

Spend Halloween alone in your apartment depressed about the state of humanity, wondering if we ever can return to normal, wondering if normal ever even existed… what’s the point of it all, oh god why!

All of the hope I have ever had for humanity is long gone. What, truly, is left for us? I don’t believe we are even occupying the planet Earth anymore. Have we entered an alternate dimension? Is a cruel higher power playing trick on us? Or, is this just hell? I think we’ve entered the ninth circle. There is no other explanation. We simply are in hell.

Add a furry tail to finish off the look! 

Adding a tail is such a small detail but a fun, simple way to solidify your look as a kitty! Small touches will really add to your masked-up look! Meow!