Girlboss Alert! My #QWEEN is Taller than Me and I’m Only A Little Emasculated

By Joe Jonas

ENCINO, CA — Everyday, I wake up and remind myself how I’m so lucky to have my gorgeous partner Sophie Turner next to me. Not only is she the mother of my daughter and Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, but she’s also two inches taller than me! She’s so badass.

Like… wow. I’m married to an Emmy Nominee! And she’s married to me—the Favorite TV Actor from the 2009 Kids Choice Awards. We’re really a perfect match. It’s so cool we’ve found each other in this great big world in which I am the average male height and my stunning wife is seven inches taller than the female world average. She’s so talented that she could grow so tall. Literally so freaking cool!

I love Sophie so much. Sometimes I wonder how fate brought me someone who I connect with so well. Like we both started our careers as teens! I was in Camp Rock and Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream… and she’s Sansa Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones… god I love her and how she towers over me when she wears heels on the red carpet.

She fits right in with my brothers and their wives! I mean they all get along so well. Sometimes I wonder if she likes them more than she likes me. And recording music videos for our Jonas Brothers songs is so much fun for family bonding—especially when Nick’s only an inch taller than Priyanka and Kevin’s four inches taller than Danielle. I mean good for Kevin, am I right? It’s always super cool to see your brothers succeed, in particular when they feel comfortable in their masculinities and heights and bodies and all that super duper awesome stuff. Super duper cool.

Anyway, what can I say, I’m a “Sucker” for her! Haha, get it? Remember that song from 2019 I sang with my brothers that has 285,302,334 views on YouTube? I wouldn’t know though because I haven’t been counting. I’ve just been spending time with Sophie and our daughter, and I cannot wait for our two-month-old Willa to take after her mother’s dominant genes!

Do you guys still remember “Cake by the Ocean?”