DEAR MOM: Are You And Dad Getting A Divorce?

By Mia Young

Dear Mom,

Are you and dad getting a divorce?


Dear Chloe,

Honey, why would you think that? I know maybe sometimes your father loses his temper and throws my pork roast out the window, but that’s just how marriage is sometimes! Usually the good outweighs the bad and you just have to work extra hard when it gets rough. Someday when you’re a married woman you’ll understand. Don’t worry, honey, we aren’t getting divorced! 

I hope you’re well, your father and I miss you every day. Sometimes he says he wishes you were here instead of me. He also said he wishes you would’ve just gone to a state school so we wouldn’t have to pay so much. He was really set on refurbishing his old pickup! I tried to tell him that it’ll all be worth it once you get your degree, but he keeps ranting and raving about how we’re “not the Nelsons” and “if you would let me spend more at the casino maybe this wouldn’t be an issue.”

Anyways, I’ve been going to pilates every other day and it’s really been helping my knee pain! I tried to get your father to come to the gym with me but he’s always so caught up watching football and yelling at the TV. Does he really think that Tom Brady can hear him? 

If you ask me, I think that Tom Brady is quite handsome. One of the cashiers at our Albertsons looks just like him! He’s around your age, I have his number somewhere in my purse if you want it. Never let a good opportunity slip away, you have to be bold!

We’re still trying to figure out Christmas for this year. I’m sure you’ll be able to come back but your father is considering a job opportunity that’s far from home. I think that maybe it would be best for everyone if he took it. Remember how he used to stock for Subway? It’s a promotional opportunity, he’d be a manager! I told him that maybe it would be a good experience for him to finally learn how to make a sandwich on his own. 

Come home soon, I love you!