Japan Fears North Korean Missile Test Might Fail Too Close To Them

by Brent Stinebaker

TOKYO, JAPAN — Working arduously to step up the anti-air defenses, the Japanese Defense Force is counting down the number of hours until the North Korean rocket explodes right on top of them.

“To make matters worse we have no idea where the rocket might land,” Japanese Defense Minister scoffed. “Their technology is so terrible our defense grid can’t even predict it! It’s almost as if they have to prove how bad their technology is to us.”

“It seems like every week, something from North Korea fails near us.” complained the Chair of Meteorological Occurrences. “Two weeks ago it was plane. Last week, three tons of expired milk. And now this week, probably a nuclear bomb,”

He was then promptly crushed to death by a large package of rice that fell through the ceiling.

It seems that as long as North Korea continues to fail in its development, Japan will suffer for their insufficiencies. Since there is nothing that Japan can do to repel the general inadequacies of North Korea, prayer and sake will have to guide them for now.