Sack of Troy’s Best 25 Things about Greek Life

by Staff

The Sack of Troy has released its annual compilation of the 25 things that make it awesome to go Greek!

You will not regret joining this rich culture steeped in old traditions that is passed from brother to brother, and sister to sister!  Greek life would not be the same without:

•The Parthenon

•Greek Yogurt (Yogurt)


•Banking crises


•The Battle of Themopylae

•Homer’s epics



•Feta cheese


•The letter ∑

•Doric columns


•The 2004 Olympics

•These guys →

•The classical pantheon of gods


•President NIkias

•Big fat weddings

•The Orthodox Church

•Disliking the Turks

•Scientific prefixes

•Pita bread

•George Stephanopoulos