Strike Negotiations Worry Millions That “The Static, Commercials, and Public Domain Songs Show” Will Be Canceled

By Bill Rockas

LOS ANGELES, CA – The tentative negotiations for the improvement of the WGA has millions of audience members worried about the fate of their new favorite, executive-driven program “The Static, Commercials, and Public Domain Songs Show”.

At the beginning of the strike, studios struggled to fill their late night programming block. In light of this, the brilliant, sexy, generous studio suits ran an AI program that played the only televisable material they had available. Thus, the next watercooler hit television show was born. 

Static-Commercial-Public Domain Mania has defined culture for over 140 days. You may have seen people wearing T-shirts reading “Team Public Domain” or famous quotes from the static segments like “Shshshshkskskshhhhhfffff!”. Iconic moments like when “Mary Had A Little Lamb” played over a Nissan commercial from 2007 have been used in countless fan edits on TikTok. And who could forget when the AI flickered into the studio’s security camera footage? We know it’s sequel bait but boy was it exhilarating!

Now that the writers are rumored to return, fans are worried. “If I wanted words, I’d read stop signs,” says Andre Boppy, lead moderator for the show’s Reddit page. Andre makes a compelling case as to why creatives should never be paid, ever. “The whole thing is naturalistic. It’s real. What’s gonna happen when the actors return? I can’t have Ryan Reynolds butting in on this!”