Lights. Camera. Jack! | Kickstarter Campaign

I made my goal! Thanks to everyone who helped! I could’ve done it myself, but I didn’t have $100,000.

I’ll keep the “Back this project” button active, just in case you want to give me more money so I can make even better music.

Album: “Lights. Camera. Jack!”

Help me help you make the future of music. For information, watch the video above. I’m not putting info here twice. That’s unnecessary work.

I need the money so people will take me seriously. I’m done with playing in coffee shops and open mics. I want to be a star by May 11th, which I will be once I get my $100,000. Money will get me noticed, not my skills.

I remember hearing my first song when I was five. I don’t know what it was, but it was definitely a song. I think there was a chorus, and probably verse.

My vision for the album is to have 15 original and soon to be classic rock songs. I am heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and Green Day. I find my sound to be a mix between all of those.

Here is my proposed setlist:

Side A:

  1. Hells Shells
  2. Ramblin’ Guy
  3. Won’t Be Tricked Again
  4. Sunday in the Park
  5. Good Moon Rising
  6. Money for Something
  7. The Start
  8. Monkey Hammer

Side B:

  1. American Moron
  2. Hotdog in Paradise
  3. You’ve Got Another Thing Goin’
  4. White Dog
  5. Unfree Bird
  6. Normal Train
  7. Wish You Weren’t Here


Why do you need $100,000? Just make an album in your garage.

I need to do it right. I need to sound professional out of the gate, or no one will listen to me.

What instruments do you play?

Most. I have a knack for music. I can pick up any instrument and be a master of it within minutes. Some say I’m gifted.

Are you singing on this album?

No. I’ll probably ask Adele or Dave Grohl for a favor.

I still don't get why you need $100,000.

That’s not a question, but to answer your statement as if it were a question: recording space ain’t cheap. I need the top of the line equipment and best crew in the biz to make music people will want to listen to.

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