8 Racist Thanksgiving Costumes to Avoid

by Staff

Because of all the recent controversies over insensitive Halloween costumes, the PC police are on the prowl, ready to strike at a moment’s notice. In order to help you stay safe this Thursday, here is a comprehensive list of “Racist Thanksgiving Costumes to Avoid.”

1. Turkey


There’s no better way to highlight your privilege than by dressing up as the bird gracing your dining table.


2. Tofurky


Yikes. Please, for the love of God leave this costume at home. This costume crosses so many lines.


3. Gourd


This Fall vegetable has enough social anxiety without being systematically stereotyped, #Gourdeous


4. Lana Del Rey


While it is an acceptable costume for whites, dressing up as Lana this year might come off as offensive no matter how much you love her. No white-face this Thanksgiving, pal.


5. Smallpox


People who live with this condition suffer every day. Don’t mock them, instead give them a blanket to warm them up and spread the holiday love.


6. Your Uncle


One drunken speech about gun control and rap music is enough for any family gathering.


7. Pequot War of 1637


No one likes that one guy who reminds everyone of how much better the first Thanksgiving was.


8. This Guy

Roy Wilson dressed in a traditional button blanket and a hat specific to the Cowlitz Tribe discusses the importance of the river. The honorary chief and chairman of the tribe's cultural committee said 43 villages once existed on the banks of the Cowlitz River.

We aren’t sure what’s going on here.